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Hello & Welcome to my Artists Gallery I hope you enjoy stepping into another world..A world as I see it through my Lens...Full of color and bokeh to assail your senses.

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Guestbook for Lynn Midford Photography
Andrew Kearton(non-registered)
All these images are so inspiring and so full of colour and life.
Who wouldn't want to enhance their home with some of your art on their walls.
All wonderful stuff!!!
Andrew Millar(non-registered)
Sorry, my email address is...
Andrew Millar(non-registered)
Hi Lynn, saw you on flickr so thought I'd have a look at your website. It's good to see such results from Olympus gear.

Best regards,

Lynn, your photos are a beautiful, I am honored to have one of yours! I am so glad to have met you. I wish you much success it this website. See you soon!
excellent photographs
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